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Why Get a Massage?

Maybe you are skeptical about massage therapy. "It's too expensive," or "I'm uncomfortable with my body image," even "Massage is only for women at the spa," these are all real attitudes many people have. I'm not here to convince you to get a massage, but I do want to take a moment to briefly discuss these thoughts.

1 - Expense. Yes, massage is something that costs more than many things you could choose to do with an hour of your time. But massage is so much more than an hour of relaxation. Research suggests that regular massages can help with a wide range of conditions, including anxiety, headaches, fibromyalgia, and complications of chronic stress, such as insomnia. If you are suffering from muscle tension, nerve or joint pain, massage can bring relief, which is ultimately priceless.

2 - Body Image. I am often surprised how many people, especially younger women, don't want to get a massage because they feel fat. First off, here at my office there are not body image judgments. You have nothing to be embarrassed about, and you should be proud of your body for every day that it gets you out of bed, transports you around all day, and functions relatively normally. Massage can not only reduce stress and anxiety, but really does wonders for self-esteem as well. Becoming more aware of your body, more connected with it, gives you more comfortability in your own skin.

3 - Only for Women. Guys should love massages too! Self esteem and stress reduction are not just for ladies. Do you strain your neck at a desk all day? Or work on your feet, lifting heavy objects? Work an overnight shift and have trouble sleeping? Whether it's work or sports, or just lifting your kids, men have many physical activities that cause tension, taking away from the quality of life. Massage therapy can alleviate many kinds of chronic pain, getting you through your tough schedule.

Whatever your goals, massage therapy can help you achieve them. Thank you for being here, and I look forward to supporting your wellness plan!

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