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Everything Zen
Massage & Wellness LLC

Mind, body, spirit integration through therapeutic massage.


Supporting your unique self care journey.

Pain relief and spa treatments for your healthiest life.

Breathe, and just Be.

Welcome to Wellness

    If you are struggle with chronic stress, anxiety or other mental health concerns, chronic pains such as shoulder and hip pains from desk work, or are a woman with an autoimmune condition such as PCOS, Endometriosis, Crohn's or Fibromyalgia, I want to welcome you to Everything Zen - Massage & Wellness! I also know what it's like to live with an anxious, active mind, random aches, chemical sensitivities, cramping, fatigue, etc. When you become a client with Everything Zen, your wellness goals and symptoms are understood and respected. I am honored to support you as you invest in your health, in addition to customized massage therapy, all the spa services and products at Everything Zen are designed to support your needs. Beyond specializing in women's health issues, Everything Zen is welcoming to anyone seeking therapeutic massage for chronic pains or as a part of your mental wellness care.

Stone Tower

Therapeutic massage designed just for you. We will discuss your goals and check in, whether this is your first visit or fiftieth. Whether you need gentle relaxation, deep pressure, cupping, or anything in between, our customized wellness massage is the perfect place to start! 

Thai Massage

Thai massage is a mat based stretching technique for improving range of motion and chronic tension. Let me do the yoga for you!

Spa Services

and Products 

Wellness also includes pampering yourself! All products used in spa treatments and sold here are either handmade or extensively researched for the best in natural skincare and wellness.

Hot stones, foot scrubs, hot oil scalp massage, treat yo self!

Chair Massage  - Pamper your office staff and thank them for their dedication!

Gift Certificates - Purchase online, a great gift for every occasion and your favorite person!

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