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Everything Zen

Hello, I'm Zen O'Connor, owner and massage therapist at Everything Zen - Massage & Wellness LLC. I've been blessed with an incredible journey that has taught me about the true meaning of holistic wellness, and I understand how vital it is that we take a multifaceted approach to our health. My work as a massage therapist is focused on pain relief, but additionally I have personal experience with healing from Lyme disease and chronic invisible illness. True healing in these situations involves emotional and spiritual work as well as releasing knots and chronic tension caused by both emotional and physical factors. Whatever your physical complaint, I will look for a holistic approach to addressing it, including recommending other practitioners that may assist your goals. 

In addition to healing from hidden illness, I have two little kids and I know how badly we need a village in the modern world, and it often feels like it isn't there. I exhausted the community's resources for lactation support and realized we need additional help in this area. Someone there for the very stubbornly committed, but struggling, nursing mamas. I will be adding craniofascial bodywork for babies soon, which will benefit babies with oral ties, connective tissue or digestive concerns, and general unresolved fussiness. Birth trauma for both mother and baby can greatly benefit from massage, and I am honored to bring that to your family.

This space and my time as a massage therapist are dedicated to you, my client. I want to help you live your healthiest life, achieve your wellness goals, and have the energy to tackle your dreams, as well as your daily life. Thank you and Be Well!

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