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Everything Zen

Hello, I'm Zen O'Connor, owner and massage therapist at Everything Zen - Massage & Wellness LLC. I am excited that you're here, and looking into self care with massage! We often find ourselves wrapped up in the stress of daily life, thinking we simply don't have time to relax, or that somehow we don't deserve to. But the truth is, no one can be their best self without taking time to recharge and relieve pains. You can constantly climb the ladder towards personal success, but without slowing down occasionally to rest, an ignored and burnt out brain or body can become a heavy burden. 

You have many options for massage therapists, why chose Everything Zen? I am passionate about helping others heal, especially when it comes to autoimmune conditions, mental health impacts on the body, and daily wear and tear from work. I personally know how much of an impact an autoimmune condition can have on your daily life. Massage therapy can have an even bigger impact, and drastically improve your quality of life! Getting regular massages can improve your sleep, reduce general inflammation and the physical effects of stress, and improve your mental health. Most importantly, when you get a massage, you are able to take a peaceful moment to have a gentle conversation with your body, an indispensable tool when healing and investing in your wellness. When you become a client with Everything Zen, you're making a commitment to love and support your mind, body, and spirit. I am honored to be a part of that! 

This space and my time as a massage therapist are dedicated to you, my client. I want to help you live your healthiest life, achieve your wellness goals, and have the energy to tackle your dreams, as well as your daily life. Thank you and Be Well!

By Appointment Only - Tuesday thru Friday 10 am - 6:30pm, Saturdays 10am-3:30pm

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