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Everything Zen

Hello, I'm Zen O'Connor, owner of Everything Zen - Massage & Wellness LLC. I've been blessed with an incredible journey that has taught me about the true meaning of holistic wellness, and I understand how vital it is that we take a multifaceted approach to our health. In the process of healing from everything from leaky gut, mold toxicity, epigenetic trauma, Lyme disease and childhood trauma, I figured out how truly interconnected our physical and emotional bodies really are. I also began to understand how much the inflammation and imbalanced gut biome contribute to our negative states of mind and poor habits. The devil on your shoulder is actually in your colon! I decided to turn my struggle into a beacon of light in the darkness for other mothers, and if you're finding me because you know instinctively that something isn't right with your family's health but you're told everything is fine... I understand and I am called to help you. In partnering with me for holistic care, together we will bring you into your power and intuition as a mother and healer.


As a mother in the early stages myself, I have had complicated but ultimately successful nursing journeys with two kids, and I experienced what most modern moms discover: we don't take the time to heal and really settle into our new roles in the community when we become mothers. I trained in craniofascial therapy training because both my babies had tongue ties, and this bodywork is highly successful for releasing tension in newborns, assisting their growth and development, and adding to the success of the nursing dyad. Older toddlers and children also benefit from CFT, I find it to be a wonderful whole family modality for those on a holistic wellness journey.

My work as a massage therapist is focused on pain relief, but I also receive intuitive messages that may be of use to your healing journey. My technique is a blend of many modalities, focused on relieving pain, inflammation, and improving range of motion or posture. Truly you get the massage you need, customized to you and not a bland spa routine. When you choose to take the time to care for yourself, I promise to honor that time with the best holistic care that I can bring you.

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