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Classes and Workshops

Bringing you to your own inner peace and power is something that I am very passionate about, and I have many offerings in that regard! I offer topics such as make and takes for health and spirit, guided meditations, gut repair workshops, and craniofascial training for moms and babies! Please follow me on Facebook to keep up to date on what events are happening in the near future, so you don't miss out on these great classes and workshops, and please feel free to contact me to request a customized class for your small group, I would love to bring the magic to your wellness circle too! Check the "Classes" tab on my booking site to see what is coming up next!

Take your self care day to a new level! With an in home massage and doula combo package, you get a massage and/or craniofascial work, and then relax while I do some light cleaning such as laundry or dishes, perhaps cook a meal, or offer emotional and spiritual support (I am not affiliated with any formal religion and happy to connect with all families of all faiths). This time is focused on your healing and what you need most to refill your own cup. I believe that we need doulas in all seasons of life, yes especially when entering motherhood, but also for grief, surgery recovery, and just plain burnout! I can make meals from very few ingredients, and have experience with home healthcare, bathing, and wound dressing, with previous employment in adult care.

3 hours - $250

Additional time can be scheduled at time of booking at $25/half hour

Therapeutic pain relief, gentle relaxation, nuggets of intuitive wisdom... whatever you need to take care of yourself! Customized wellness massage encompasses everything from gentle relaxation to deep tissue and deep pressure therapy. My clients common complaints addressed are tensions related to anxiety, desk work, nursing/babywearing, low back/hip pains. 

60 minutes - $95

90 minutes - $120

2 hours - $150

2.5 hours - $180

Craniofascial Therapy - Infants and Families

Craniofascial therapy combines the craniosacral system, which includes the brain, spinal cord, skull and pelvis, and the rhythm of cerebrospinal fluid and the fascial web that weaves throughout our entire body. In a weird description, CFT invites your body to unwind and move as if you are a human Oujia board!

I discovered CFT as I was researching things to help me and my two tongue tied babies. In addition to chiropractic care and proper tie revision, CFT before and after revision greatly improves nursing success as well as facial/cranial development in babies. Older babies and children also greatly benefit from this fascial unwinding, as the tension of fetal development and early bumps and falls can be undone to improve their growth. Parents report CFT helps their babies and kids seem calmer, happier, sleep better, and poop better!

Very young infants and freshly postpartum moms benefit most from several frequent treatments in a short time frame, much like chiropractic care. Older kids may be very wiggly and have a tough time relaxing, but I can still chase them around or work on them as they watch TV or a tablet. In-home CFT for the whole family is a casual and low stress option for bodywork for neurodiverse kids and family members with physical mobility concerns.

30 minute sessions are only available to infants and children under 12, in-office or with a doula visit only, in-home sessions are offered for 90 minute or longer sessions.

30 min Infant and Child - $65

45 min - $90

60 min - $115

90 min - $140

2 hrs - $165

Additional time up to 4 hours total can be booked at $25/half hour, to accommodate multiple children and treat the whole family! Must be scheduled at the time of booking, please feel free to text me with a custom appointment request.

All-Season Doula Care

I believe we are all in need of a village from time to time in life. We mainly think about doulas for birth and occasionally death, but I also think we should feel comfortable and allow ourselves to accept help in many seasons. I am honored to support you in postpartum, surgery recovery, or just getting through stressful, heavy seasons in your life, whatever they may be. Doula care includes house cleaning, self care assistance, meal preparation, dog walking, hugs, cups of tea, sisterly support. 

In choosing a doula for your postpartum or all season care, you want someone you feel comfortable around! I am specifically a good match for the weirdos, misfits, oddballs... quirky families with sarcasm, nerdy interests, "look at this cool rock" people... you know. I do cook as part of my doula care, and I'm happy to discuss your needs and make sure you are well cared for in your healing journey. Please contact me directly for daytime scheduling outside of the office hours provided on the booking site.

2.5 hours - $175

Add a little wellness treat to your massage! Please let me know at the time of booking if you would like to include any add-ons.

Hot Oil Scalp Massage - Stimulate hair and scalp health with castor oil, rosemary and peppermint essential oils. Soothes itchy, irritated scalp and thinning hair. - $18

Rose Oil Jojoba Face Massage - Melt the tension in your jaw or forehead while meditating in a field of roses! - $12

Sunshine in My Belly - Turmeric and Sweet Orange essential oils in castor oil to soothe nerves and digestive upset. Great if you are feeling physically or emotionally sluggish! - $12

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